Zuliani Magnesium Production Process

  • final Phase III Benchscale Tests successfully completed at Process Ortech
  • Dr. Arthur Pelton of THERMFACT has been retained to review the Phase I-III bench scale tests conducted at PRO and to report on the data analysis THERMFACT performed during the testing at PRO
  • Stage 111 Batch-scale Tests are being designed and an appropriate furnace and other specialized test equipment sourced
  • Carbon Emmission Study remains in progress

Inwood Magnesium Property

  • 5-tonne bulk sample taken, crushed and securely stored for future testwork

Manigotagan Silica Property

  • Favourable Marketing Study green lights the high-purity Manigotagan silica sand Project for frac sand proppant used in the oil and gas industry
  • The Marketing Study makes five recommendations: investigate the feasibility of establishing a processing plant at mine site, railhead and harbor in Selkirk, MB; initiate a review and time line of required extraction and processing permits; complete a NI 43-101 report on the deposit; and initiate a prefeasibility study on the Project’s economics.

Bird River Project

  • Gossan  contributing to Fall 2010 Trenching Program between the Page and Ore Fault deposits
  • Joint venture partner Marathon PGM being acquired by Stillwater Mining

Pipestone Vanadium Project

  • Fall 2010 Surface Program to locate and GPS the grid and drill holes to preserve data for future resource calculations